Mass production of the iPhone 9 may have started

The Coronavirus has caused major changes in the technology industry, but it seems that Apple remains dedicated to launching the iPhone 9, which would be the company’s new phone to succeed the iPhone SE and iPhone XR. According to Jon Prosser, an insider who usually leaks information about Apple, the company has already restarted mass production of the smartphone, which would have been hindered by the pandemic.

According to sources from Prosser, the Coronavirus crisis had only hindered the final verification of smartphones, which facilitated the return of the production pace. The company would also have partnered with the car maker BYD, in order to pulverize the assembly lines and speed up the design of the cell phone.

According to rumors, Apple is preparing the launch of the iPhone 9 for March 31. The idea was to present the smartphone through an online event, but the spread of the Coronavirus would have hindered the company’s plans. Therefore, the arrival of the device may be delayed.

Not yet officially announced by Apple, the iPhone 9 would be the brand new phone focused on cost-effectiveness. The device would bring the A13 chip, even used in the company’s latest devices, but with a design that resembles the iPhone 8. In addition to bringing thicker edges, the product would adopt a smaller screen and biometrics with Touch ID. According to speculation, the manufacturer may also launch a Plus model of the smartphone, but nothing has been confirmed so far.



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