Mass Effect: what additional content does it include?


Mass Effect Legendary Edition incorporates more than 40 additional content throughout the entire trilogy. Find out which DLC are selected.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is closer than we thought. After having confirmed its release date for May 14, we know in detail what additional content (DLC) will accompany the trilogy.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition: all the additional content included

More than 40 DLC will offer the remastering of the trilogy on PS4, Xbox One and PC, in addition to PS5 and Xbox Series X | S via backward compatibility. Do you want to know all its improvements? In this link you can read our impressions after attending their virtual presentation.

Then we leave you with all the history, promotional and equipment content that will be included at no additional cost. As we said in the preview, the three games will be linked to a single launcher.

Contents of the story
Mass effect

The sky is falling

Mass effect 2

Mass Effect: Genesis

Zaeed – The Price of Vengeance

Kasumi – Stolen Memory

Shadow Runner

Embers In Pack

Overlord Pack

Place of impact of the Normandy

Mass Effect 2: Arrival

Mass effect 3

Mass Effect: Genesis 2

Mass Effect 3: From the Ashes

Mass Effect 3: Extended Ending

Mass Effect 3: Leviathan

Mass Effect 3: Omega

Mass Effect 3: Citadel (Part 1 & Part 2)

Mass effect 2

Recon Operations Package

Collector’s armor and weapon

Terminus armor and weapon

Incisor M-29

Dragon Blood Armor

Inferno Armor

Recognition Hood

Sentinel interface

Umbra Visor

N7 equipment

Mass effect 3

Raider AT-12

Chakram Launcher

Argus M-55

Indra M-90

Reckoner Knight Armor

Weapons, armor and packages
Mass effect 2

Equalizer package

Aegis Package

Ember Pack

Cerberus armor and weapon

Arch Project

Mass Effect 2: Alternate Appearance Pack 1

Mass Effect 2: Alternate Appearance Pack 2

Mass effect 3

Skirmish Pack

Surface Package

Mass Effect 3: Alternate Appearance Pack

Collector’s Edition Pack N7


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