Mass Effect Original Casting Will Meet Again For N7 Day


BioWare’s sci-fi saga was left fallow after the commercial failure of Mass Effect Andromeda, but the study continues.

Neither Electronic Arts nor BioWare have officially announced Mass Effect Legendary Edition, a remastered edition that collects the original trilogy of the saga. However, the body that classifies games by age in South Korea already registered the compilation some time ago. Be that as it may, the original cast of the video game will once again meet in an official N7 Day panel. The Canadian developer set November 7 as the date the studio and the community come together to celebrate the saga.

Among the actors who will be present are the two versions of Shepard, the male and the female. Mark Meer and Jennifer Hale will chat with the interpreters who gave life to such mythical characters as Liara (Alli Hillis) or Grunt (Steven Blum). In addition, there will also be the following names: Kimberly Brooks (Ashley Williams), Raphael Sbarge (Kaidan Alenko), Courtenay Taylor (Jack), Alix Wilton Regan (Samantha Traynor), William Salyers (Mordin Solus) and DC Douglas (Legion). BioWare screenwriter Patrick Weeks and editor Karen Weekes will also participate in this “very special panel”. You can follow it from 8:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time), 11 PST.

Waiting for a new delivery

To date, Mass Effect Andromeda has been the last title in the series to be published. After BioWare put an end to Shepard’s story, the studio decided to embark on a new path. Set hundreds of years in the future, a human colony heads to the Andromeda galaxy, a place hitherto unexplored by the human race. How could it be otherwise, they will soon find themselves in serious trouble, although thanks to their alliances they will be able to fight against the enemy Kett in better conditions.

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The commercial failure of the title, which went on sale with numerous technical problems, made Electronic Arts decide to cancel all its post-launch DLC. Since then, the saga has been waiting for a new opportunity.


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