Mass Effect Legendary Edition will have adjustments


Through an extensive note posted on PlayStation Blog, BioWare detailed some of the improvements present in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, confirming adjustments to the main game mechanics, including the criticized combat system of the first Mass Effect.

According to Jay Ingram, community manager at BioWare, the accuracy and balance of all Mass Effect weapons underwent general adjustments, in an attempt to make the combat immersion more dynamic and to avoid the “bullet sponge” sensation that was conventional in games that mix shooter with RPG. In addition, the new camera system should provide more support in relation to the field of view and targeting, matching the gameplay presented in the second and third games.

Still in the first game, Shepard will start to attack melee from a specific command of the control, and will be able to run freely during the fighting. His skills have also been improved, and some physical and firearms skills have rebalanced. Players should encounter an additional difficulty in the game, since the weapons will start to heat up much faster.

Enemy encounters have undergone some interesting changes, equaling Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 in several respects. Challenge levels should be proposed at fairer scales, giving more opportunities for players to explore various shooting approaches – including critical damage in the head – and use of skills. And to everyone’s delight, the XP system has been readjusted, and it will no longer be necessary to perform a second playthrough to be able to reach the maximum level or have access to all the game’s content.

Yes, the infamous Mako vehicle will be back, and certainly many fans are already terrified of having to face the snow phase again and having to drive the car. However, to everyone’s joy, its control returns in much smoother and simplified mechanics, bringing more speed and stability on more tortuous paths.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition will be released with a complete renovation of the customization system, adding more realistic features and more customization options, which can be imported throughout the trilogy. For platinum fans, the games will have unpublished trophies, and promise to take up a lot of time for those who decide to explore their 100%

Mass Effect Legendary Edition arrives on May 14 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X and PC.


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