Mass Effect Legendary Edition: BioWare Doesn’t Rule Out ME 3’s Multiplayer


Mass Effect Legendary Edition: The remastered compilation includes practically all the content released to date, but not the multiplayer.The day has come, the galactic adventure starring Shepard returns in style in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, a fine-tuning of the original trilogy developed by BioWare. The remastering, which is already in the hands of MeriStation, comes with practically all the content, including the DLC. However, the multiplayer of Mass Effect 3 has been lost along the way. Is it completely ruled out? According to Mac Walters, responsible for the project, not all luck has been cast.

In an interview with CNET, the BioWare developer has commented that he will study the reception of the video game to determine if the public wants to re-experiment with multiplayer. Only then will they decide whether or not it is worth allocating resources to this product, which would also need to be properly adapted: “I would never say no to that,” he said. “We want to see what kind of reception the Legendary Edition receives and what is the demand for multiplayer. Then we will ask ourselves if we have the resources and enough time to offer it with the level of quality that the fans expect ”.

In celebration of #MassEffect fans around the world, we’ve put together a special community tribute video.

Be sure to also read our thank you letter from Legendary Edition Project Director @macwalterslives: Mass Effect (@masseffect) May 13, 2021

They analyzed the available mods

In outlining the improvements to this version, which has been adapted to modern features, BioWare looked at mods that have been released over the years. Unlike modders, the studio can access all of the original assets, so they have the option to go even further with their enhancements.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game works through backward compatibility on new generation consoles, but they also introduce some improvements over the rest of the consoles. In fact, Xbox Series S offers the ability to run at 120 fps, a feature absent on PS5 due to the process in which backward compatibility works. In the Sony machine it would be necessary to make the port almost complete to be able to implement this.


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