Mass Effect could win a series starring Henry Cavill


Henry Cavill is no stranger to the world of video games. After all, the actor has already played the wizard Geralt in the Netflix series The Witcher! But it seems that the star has yet another big role inspired by successful RPGs on the way, as a possible adaptation of Mass Effect!

The rumor started when Henry Cavill himself posted on his personal Instagram a photo of him during the makeup process in a studio. Since the original image was very blurred, it was difficult to see exactly what he was holding:

“A secret project? Or is it just some papers with random words on it? I think we will have to wait and see.”, Teased the actor in the original post.

Thanks to the Gamepressure website, which “fixed” the image for fans, we were able to read some words from the text, such as “Reapers”, “Tali’Zorah” and “Geth”. They must certainly sound quite familiar to anyone who has played BioWare space RPGs, right?

Does this mean that we will see Henry Cavill as Commander Shepard in the near future? Would you like to see a series or movie inspired by Mass Effect? Remember that the Mass Effect Legendary Edition collection will hit consoles on May 14th! Share your expectations with us in the comments below!


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