Mass Effect: BioWare Made Spin-Off Prototypes for Nintendo DS


Mass Effect: The science fiction game franchise Mass Effect had its first title released in 2007 and continued its story in a second version in 2010 — after that, in addition to the closing of the trilogy, the series also received a remaster, in 2021. However, it could have rolled a spin-off between the first two, especially for Nintendo DS.

Mark Darrah, former BioWare producer, talked about the possible game in an interview with IGN. According to him, the title would be Mass Effect: Corsair. Its dynamics would be in first person, with the player in the role of an independent commander of a spaceship, Han Solo style. This spacecraft would explore “lawless” areas, on the margins of the universe presented in the first title of the series.

From the description, the region where Mass Effect: Corsair would pass is Terminus Systems, which ended up being explored a lot in Mass Effect 2. Do you think it would have been nice to explore this area on the Nintendo DS? Leave your opinion in the comments!

Why Mass Effect: Corsair didn’t get off the ground?

For money reasons. Mark Darrah explained that it is difficult to close the account to launch a game on Nintendo DS, given that the cartridges already ate a good part of the budget and their sale price also did not allow to earn much money on the other side. “The Nintendo DS economy is horrible!” said the former producer.

According to Darrah, EA projected that only 50,000 units of Mass Effect: Corsair would be sold.

As this was too little to make up for the investment, development of the game was stopped. According to him, there was still not much done besides the control of the ships, when development was stopped. But he believes the idea might have worked, if the investment continued.

The team was relocated to the Mass Effect spin-offs on mobile, which started arriving around the same time, with Galaxy for iOS in 2009 Infiltrator, in 2012. However, now, there hasn’t been any for a while, too. another mobile title in the series… Well, at least we can enjoy Mass Effect Legendary Edition on the console!


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