Mass Effect: Amazon Works On A Series Based On Games


Mass Effect: Amazon Prime Video is about to finalize a deal with Electronic Arts (EA) to produce a series based on the Mass Effect franchise. Although the negotiation is close to being concluded, there is still no preview of the debut and neither a production cast nor a cast of actors.

The information was released last Tuesday (23) by Deadline website, who spoke with Jennifer Salke, director of Amazon Studios. “You will see us continuing to invest in the fantasy genre of all kinds. In the studios, we have a gender-focused team that works tirelessly with our creative partners and you can look forward to more,” promised Salke.

A possible series of Mass Effect had been previously speculated, but without any confirmation. In February of this year, actor Henry Cavill even published a photo with an out of focus script. According to Gamepressure, by focusing on the letters in the text, it was possible to read words like “Reapers”, “Tali’Zorah” and “Geth”, which are familiar to anyone who has played science fiction.

The franchise, which is developed by BioWare, is highly revered among gamers. There are 4 games in the main series, and there are still spin-offs (like Mass Effect Galaxy, released for iOS).

Intellectual property has also been turned into books, comic books, movies into animations and even a special edition of the Monopoly board game.