Mass Effect 5 Can Be Done On Unreal Engine instead of Frostbite


The opening of a job opening at BioWare for the next Mass Effect has given a lot of talk on the internet, because it could be an indication of the possibility of EA giving up its own Frostbite in favor of Unreal Engine to make the game.

The vacancy, which can be found at this link, is looking for a technical director to work on Mass Effect 5, with specific experience with Unreal. So people were quick to speculate that it might be that the game uses this graphics engine, at the expense of EA’s Frostbite.

Adding body to the rumor, Jeff Grubb, from VentureBeat, confirmed with its own sources that EA is willing to explore different possibilities to ensure more graphic quality in the next Mass Effect. The developer would be interested in the visual spectacle for this generation, and apparently the new version of Unreal Engine may be more prepared for that than Frostbite.

The downside for EA, in addition to the bad impression that Frostbite passes, is that the developer would have to pay for licensing the graphics engine to Epic Games. Using Unreal is free to make your game up to a certain number of copies sold, then you need to pay a percentage to Epic.

Another theory is that it could be that EA wants to hire someone with deep knowledge of Unreal not to use the graphics engine itself, but to apply that experience to Frostbite and improve their own tech.


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