Mason Greenwood Is Under Investigation By Police on Charges of a Second Breach of Bail


Police are looking for disqualified Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood for a second bail.

Greenwood’s violation involves violating his bail conditions, which state that he must not have direct or indirect contact with his alleged victim.

The Sun reports: “Police are investigating claims that Manchester United’s Mason Greenwood breached bail conditions by paying for designer clothes for his alleged sexual victim.

“The clothes were bought online and sent to her address last week. On Friday, it was alleged that a bank account belonging to Greenwood was used to buy women’s clothing worth 86 pounds from the online fashion brand Luxe To Kill.

“The company allegedly received online instructions to deliver the goods to the alleged victim’s home address.”

A source told The Sun that Greenwood did not place the order.

It is alleged that the alleged victim still had access to the bank account of the graduate of the United Academy.

Earlier this week, a 21-year-old man appeared before the Royal Court, where he was reminded of his responsibility for complying with the bail conditions set out.

Greater Manchester Police are working to determine if this purchase is a second breach of the player’s bail conditions.

Greenwood was re-arrested last month after coming into contact with his alleged victim.

He spent two days in police custody, but was released after a private bail hearing.

Of course, fans should keep an eye on the situation with Greenwood. Let’s hope that justice will prevail and the court will make the right decision.


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