Masked Toast Criticizes Ninja for His Masterclass on Twitch


Unsurprisingly, some people will look at the wealth and fame of successful Twitch streamers and wonder if they can do the same. However, despite the fact that the biggest streamers can live in mansions and drive expensive cars, most of them will never come close to this level.

A few months ago, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins started giving price advice. In March, he launched a course on how to start streaming on MasterClass. However, not everyone approves of this course, which costs $180 a year and does not guarantee that students will succeed in their careers on Twitch.

Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang is the latest Twitch star to criticize the Ninja masterclass, which some deride as nothing more than a “money grab.” He shared his opinion during the broadcast on August 7. “Your streaming career will never start with you hitting the broadcast button,” Disguised Toast said in his chat. He then took a swipe at the Ninja masterclass, saying, “I know you paid 200 bucks for a Ninja to tell you this. He’s lying to you. Ninja is a liar.”

According to Disguised Toast, a streamer’s career begins long before his first stream. Instead, it starts with mastering the game or launching a YouTube or TikTok channel. This advice makes a lot of sense, since the first option attracts viewers, and the other two allow content creators to cultivate an audience long before the first broadcast. Disguised Toast does not believe that a novice streamer should do all three. However, he believes that content creators need to succeed in one of them before they start streaming on Twitch.

This isn’t the first time Disguised Toast has spoken negatively about the Ninja course, and he’s not the only one doing it. For example, reacting to Drew Gooden’s video criticizing the course, Disguised Toast laughingly noted that he was doing the opposite of some Ninja advice about communicating with the audience. Other streamers also reacted to Ninja’s ideas for interacting with viewers.

Goode’s video is called “I took a ninja master class and it ruined my life.” The YouTuber mocks the Ninja throughout the 40-minute video, sarcastically responding to many lessons and editing examples of cases where the Ninja violated his own rules. Despite admitting that Ninja gives some good advice, Gooden doesn’t seem impressed with the class and questioned the $180 fee. He called the course “not impressive” and criticized its lack of content, especially in the second half. He also pointed out that some of Ninja’s suggestions are impractical for novice streamers.

To be fair, Gooden’s video notes that Ninja’s MasterClass offers some useful information about the hardware and software needed to stream on Twitch. Ninja also provided a list of the best settings for different price ranges. However, he didn’t think the course offered enough value to justify the cost.


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