Masahiro Sakurai, The Director of Smash Bros, Considers Retiring


Masahiro Sakurai, Are Masahiro Sakurai’s days in the video game business numbered? According to the website Kotaku, it seems that the director of the successful Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is seriously considering retiring soon.

The website had access to the weekly column that Sakurai writes in the traditional video game magazine Weekly Famitsu, and this time the title of his text was “Everything comes to an end”. Throughout the article, he valued his rare days off and acknowledged that “there is no way to work forever” and that “at some point I will get old”.

Precisely because he recognizes these facts, Sakurai says that he always tries to work as hard as possible on his projects, going so far as to suffer from tendonitis after playing too long on internal tests. Although he did not set a date for his retirement, he has already said that he will leave the column at Famitsu after launching all DLC for Smash.

It was more than 18 years of writing for the column, and Sakurai admitted that “to be honest, I wonder if I could enjoy it every day if I could have more free time. I am quite intrigued by an early retirement, but it’s not like I was going to stop dealing with video games after that. Until then, anyway, I’ll do my best! ”

Remember that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a game with deep emotional significance for Sakurai, as he and his friend, the late former president of Big N Satoru Iwata, worked together on the first game in the series, as recalled in the book Ask Iwata.

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