Mary J. Blige clarifies in wanting to do all the scenes


The Umbrella Academy is preparing for its season 3 on the Netflix platform, but, during an interview with the Cha-Cha actress, Mary J. Bligue, she acknowledged that she does not like to use doubles for her scenes, so you want to do them all.

Actress Mary J. Bligue, was talking about how she got the role of her in the series The Umbrella Academy and the conditions that she requested to play the role of Cha-Cha. So said Blackman creator of the program.

“I spoke to Mary on the phone and she said, ‘If you let me hit and shoot and do my stunts, I’m inside her.’ And she did a lot of hers of her own stunts.”

“We have a stunt double when it’s really dangerous, but she did a lot of that.”

Bligue also talked about her character’s action-packed scenes, which was the reason why she was motivated to play the character after reading the script.

“Cha-Cha was automatically the girl I wanted to play all my life. Shooting guns, kicking, hitting people, hand-to-hand combat, that’s what drew me to [the show] because I wanted to learn martial arts and I wanted to learn. to shoot all kinds of firearms. ”

So far Cha-Cha died in the first season of The Umbrella Academy, but, as the series has many time travels, it is certain that we will see the actress with the role of her again.

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