Marvel’s Wolverine Will Have A More Adult-Oriented Tone


Marvel’s Wolverine: Announced last week during the PlayStation Showcase broadcast live on Thursday (9), Marvel’s Wolverine will be an all-new adventure starring the mutant X-Men. Produced by Insomniac Games, responsible for Marvel’s Spider-man, the new game will be exclusive to the PlayStation 5 and intends to follow a more mature line, for adults.

The information was revealed by Brian Horton, who serves as the game’s Creative Director at Insomniac. When asked on Twitter about whether the game would be as short as Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Horton replied that not only would the game be bigger (‘full size’), but he also took the opportunity to indicate that it will have a more adult tone.

We still know very little about Marvel’s Wolverine, which is still in early development, but it looks like the development team is excited about the game. Ryan Schneider of Insomniac Games said the idea of ​​a mutant game was a constant in the company’s Spider-Man meetings with Sony and Marvel.

“Even during the initial discussions [about Spider-Man], Wolverine was constantly cited as a character we’d love to work with,” Schneider said in a PlayStation Blog post.

Also according to the creative director, one of the factors that most contributed to Wolverine’s choice to win a game of his own was, surprisingly, very similar to a characteristic of Spider-Man: the willingness of both heroes to help people in need.

Released exclusively for the PS5, Marvel’s Wolverine is not yet scheduled for release.


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