Marvel’s Wolverine Hulk has One Key Advantage over Logan


Marvel’s Weapon H has one key advantage over Logan, as the Wolverine-Hulk hybrid hero is much more disciplined than his clawed counterpart, which is intended. In Totally Awesome Hulk # 21 from Marvel Comics, the creation of the Hulk Weapon X is revealed, where it is said that he is more like Wolverine, “but with much more discipline and control,” which makes him an ideal candidate for the role of a monstrous hero. .

Weapon H is the brainchild of Weapon X’s Project Batch-H division, as they captured former mercenary Clayton Cortez and turned him into a hybrid version of the Hulk and Wolverine through a series of dangerous experiments. Weapon H was derived from the DNA of the Hulk Amadeus Cho and Old Man Logan, as well as from the genetic material of Domino, Lady Deathstroke, Warpath and Sabretooth. Covered in the same adamantium as Wolverine, Weapon H became one of the deadliest hybrid heroes as he carried the most dangerous aspects of the Hulk and Logan, including a key advantage when it comes to controlling his powers.

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In Totally Awesome Hulk #21, Greg Pack, Robert Gill, Nolan Woodard and Corey Petit from VC reveal the transformation of Clayton Cortez from H-Alpha to Weapon H. Dr. Alba, chief scientist of the Vat H experiments in Weapon X, reveals that she uses the DNA of the Hulk and Wolverine Amadeus Cho to create a different kind of monster. She reports that Weapon H will be similar to Wolverine, but with the key advantage that he will have much more discipline and control over his incredible abilities.

The true degree of discipline and control of Weapon H will become apparent in Marvel Comics’ Weapon X #11, where Old Man Logan attacks a hybrid of the Hulk and Wolverine. Despite the fact that his face was cut and his spine was torn, Weapon H does not react with anger, but instead calmly stops the clawed hero. Dr. Alba taunts Wolverine, telling him that Weapon H has “all your powers and all the power of the Hulk… but there is no emotional variability in you.” Considering that both Wolverine and the Hulk are driven by emotion and rage, the fact that Weapon H is not such is a huge advantage over the heroes from which it was created.

Being a more disciplined version of Wolverine, as well as being able to somewhat control his rage from the Hulk, makes Weapon H a special experimental hero. Unlike Wolverine, he has no lack of discipline and control, at least to the same extent as a mutant whose DNA is part of him. As a result, the Wolverine-Hulk hybrid retains a key advantage over Logan. Rage will never blind Weapon H like Wolverine.