Marvel’s “Thunderbolts” must completely change 1 “Suicide Squad” and “Deadpool 2”.


Marvel Studios needs to change one trick with “Suicide Squad” and “Deadpool 2” when the movie “Thunderbolts” is released. The Marvel cinematic universe has long been hatching the idea of creating a movie featuring various Marvel villains and antiheroes. Phase 4 is finally making this a reality after the news that Marvel is hiring a writer and director for the movie “Thunderbolts.” The details of the film project for the most part remain a mystery, but, nevertheless, the inevitable comparisons with the “Suicide Squad” quickly surfaced.

Warner Bros. and DC Films put together a group of villains to save the world in 2016 with Suicide Squad, but the comic book versions of Task Force X and Thunderbolts appeared long before that. The “Thunderbolts” also had different forms over the years, but one of them is very similar to the composition of the “Suicide Squad”, where reformed criminals and villains work for the government, performing dangerous missions. Due to the similarity and the unlikely fact that the MCU is again using the original idea of villains posing as heroes, the Thunderbolts will surely be aware of the need to avoid directly copying the concepts used in the DC franchise.

To avoid comparisons with “Suicide Squad”, Marvel should pay attention to one trick that “Suicide Squad” and “Deadpool 2” used. Both films included key episodes in which teams of superheroes and supervillains were assembled from comic characters from the D-list. The trick used by “Suicide Squad” and “Deadpool 2” almost immediately killed these teams. It would be easy for Thunderbolts to copy this trend and include little-known Marvel villains just to kill them. However, this is almost expected at the moment, so it would be more surprising to reverse the trend and allow a group of lesser villains to live in the MCU.

Several famous MCU villains may also return to take part in this episode. Former Spider-Man enemies like Scorpion and Shocker may be part of this government-sponsored team of villains, and a Leader from the Incredible Hulk and Bullseye from Daredevil may also appear. It may even be a chance for little-known comic book villains who might otherwise not have appeared, such as the Man on Stilts or the Man on the Wheel, to make their MCU debut. Theoretically, it would be easy for the Thunderbolts to show them at the beginning of the mission just to create a team concept, but it is also shocking that they remained alive and simply were not selected for the main mission team of the film.

The Marvel movie “Thunderbolts”, which reversed this trick with “Suicide Squad” and “Deadpool 2”, would also be an effective way to show that even less powerful versions of the team can succeed at some level. Without knowing who will be the villain from the movie “Thunderbolts”, it is impossible to say whether the real team will fight with the main opponent, such as Doctor Doom, or with someone much less powerful. In any case, the success of the Thunderbolts team, which looks like an expendable group of selected characters, will emphasize how much better the main team of the film will be. And if one of the lesser villains turns out to be a fan favorite, they can live after Thunderbolts.