Marvel’s Spider-Man sneakers come true


So are the new sports that the new Spider-Man equips in one of his outfits; both price and release date confirmed.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is almost among us (don’t miss our detailed analysis) and that is why the promotional machinery is already working at full capacity. And good proof of this are the new Adidas sports shoes that Miles Morales himself wears through one of his very varied outfits in the new Insomniac Games video game for PS5 and PS4 and that are already a reality for fans to become with them. So much so, that the German sports clothing and accessories brand together with Sony has presented the new Adidas Superstar Low-Top, an exact replica of Miles’ shoes that already have a release date and price.

Available on December 4 for 69.95 euros

Thus, it is a personalized variant of the classic Adidas Superstar with motifs and colors from Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales; and it is that they wear a reddish tone in the purest style of Miles Morales along with a spider logo on the back and another of PlayStation on the front. Otherwise, it is the same classic Adidas model; Although the fans are in luck, since these new Adidas Superstar Low-Top by Spider-Man will go on sale next December 4 at 00:00 for 69.95 euros through the brand’s digital store sporty.

“The classics also evolve. Since its debut on the basketball courts in the 70s, the adidas Superstar symbolizes the importance of not making compromises and rewriting the rules. Keep his legacy alive with the help of Spider-Man. This stylish youth shoe sports new colors that cover everything from the iconic rubber toe cap to the iconic stitched sole. The spider web print on the heel reinforcement is the hallmark of the Marvel superhero ”, we can read in its official description.

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