Marvel’s Spider-Man PC Modifications Can Add a Ton of Costumes


Modding has been part of the PC landscape since its introduction more than four decades ago. From the moment people got their hands on a computer, modding was born, when people adapt interfaces, configure programs to work differently, or rework the code of their favorite game to turn it into a new experience. With the advent of Half-Life and Valve’s Source Engine, the popularity of modding has grown tenfold, and now it’s easier than ever for fans to create their own games, giving birth to modern classics such as Portal and Counter Strike. Over the years, modding has opened many doors, and since Marvel’s Spider-Man is coming to PC soon, there will surely be many more opportunities to expand the already incredible game.

Sony is gradually moving some of its best third-party games to PC, marking their rejection of PlayStation exclusivity. At the moment, games such as Horizon Zero Dawn, Death Stranding and God of War have been released on PC, where they have been accepted by a completely new community of gamers. As has already been noticed in the last few Sony PC releases, modders can add quite a lot of content to these favorite games, ranging from new missions to enemies with a changed appearance and even completely new mechanics. And there’s one particular area where mods can benefit Marvel’s Spider-Man: the Spider costume collection.

Modifications Can Add a Ton of Comic Costumes to Marvel’s Spider-Man

When it was first released in 2018, Marvel’s Spider-Man already had a variety of great Spider costumes to choose from. There were a total of 28 costumes in the base game, each of which dates back to some of the best comics and cinematic images of web builders. There were such iconic costumes as “Spider-Man 2099” and “Noir”, as well as Stark’s costume from “Spider-Man: Homecoming”. While there was more than enough here to satisfy the fans’ desires, Insomniac decided to take one and then two steps forward by adding even more costumes with DLC, and then adding another pair of costumes as free upgrades.

After all, Marvel’s Spider-Man has only 47 costumes, or 45 in the PS4 version. These costumes now cover even more Spider-Man movies: Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire costumes appear, as well as a brightly animated Peter B. Parker costume from Across the Universes. Also included are even more iconic costumes inspired by comics, including the Iron Spider costume, the Future Foundation Costume, and the Spider-UK costume.

Despite the fact that Marvel’s Spider-Man already has an impressive number of costumes, modders still have many opportunities to expand the list. Spider-Man comics have been around since 1962, so there are more than enough of them to draw inspiration from, even though most of the iconic costumes have already been added by Insomniac. An excellent Spider-Man costume would be a great addition to the game, originating from one of the most popular, albeit controversial, Spider-Man races in recent times, in which a dying Doc Ok transfers his consciousness into Peter Parker’s body and steals Spider-Man’s mantle from him.

The Captain Universe costume from the comics is another simple costume that can be added with mods, referring to the time when the Spider became an omnipotent god—like creature after absorbing the Universal Force. In the same vein as the Peter Park/Spider-half costumes from Marvel’s Spider-Man, such as the ESU costume, modders can add some costumes based on the original Peter Parker comic, perhaps by wearing a sweater and shirt under the costume.

However, there is one Spider-Man costume that fans wanted even before the game was released. Based on his iconic first appearance in the Secret Wars series, the black Symbiote suit is one of Spider—Man’s most beloved costumes, and it’s what fans expected to see in Marvel’s Spider-Man. Unfortunately, he never appeared in the game. Many fans found this a bit strange, since the Symbiote costume has been present in Spider-Man games since the wall crawler first appeared in slot machines, and has become a staple of Spider-Man video games since the very first PlayStation and N64 Spider-Man. game.

Looking back now, it seems that Insomniac may have wanted to distance himself from any mention of the Symbiote costume, as the Symbiote turned out to be a hidden storyline revolving around the game’s character Harry Osborne. And now that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is on the way, it’s confirmed that Venom is part of the narrative, and if leaks and rumors are to be believed, then the Symbiote costume can play a key role in the new mechanics of the game. At the same time, the possible Symbiote costume from Insomniac is likely to be slightly different from the comic version, so there is plenty of room for the classic Symbiote costume from the comics, which can be modified in the PC version of Marvel’s Spider-Man.