Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales, Review


We analyze the first game that we have played and completed on a PS5, a great title in its own right that does not seek to be the flagship game of the new generation- It was clear that Insomniac’s huge success with the latest iteration in the Spider-Man video game was not going to stay in one game.

The purchase of the studio by SIE was a declaration of intent that made it clear that the future of the arachnid superhero would necessarily pass through this marriage and through the PlayStation ecosystem, influencing that privileged relationship that Sony has managed to build with Marvel based on to the cinematographic rights of the famous character, bought at a time when one could not even glimpse the dimension that superheroes would acquire in mass culture in our times.

Miles Morales is another piece in the intelligent management of the character that is being carried out. Once Activision finished squandering the rights to one of the Marvel characters with the best games to their name, Sony was quick to grab the rights and was right to lure Insomniac back into close orbit to build a huge exclusive to around it that has been celebrated by critics and reaped spectacular results among the public. Its arrival as one of the flagship games of this period between generations therefore has all the logic, a sure winner from which a double mission is expected: equally notable sales on PS4 and a boost as a launch game for PS5, a version in which we have tested it.

A familiar New York

First of all, a no-brainer. The previous game was released in the last third of 2018. A little over two years have passed since then, with the added bonus of developing for two systems simultaneously – or three if we differentiate between base PS4, Pro, and PS5. For those of you who pay attention to the development times that open world games require today, you will know that it is hardly enough time to work from scratch. Change of hero, same scenario. Manhattan appears very familiar to those who have the previous Spider-Man fresh in their memories, with its same iconic corners: Fifth Avenue, Central Park, the financial district, Times Square … The structure is practically identical, although the time that has The past in the game is noticeable in some things, such as the state of abandonment of the Frisk towers, or the increase in detail and personality of Harlem, the place where our protagonist has just moved along with his mother, after the events lived in the previous game.

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Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales

The setting is extremely familiar, with its triumphs and limitations, the focus only changes based on the new protagonist. It’s not just a new suit, or some new powers. It is a change of context, a different way of seeing the world, a different age, a different family, with a different social climate and an environment that diverges from the one around Peter Parker, something that we try to emphasize in this title, enhancing Miles’ most intimate spaces as a form of environmental narrative as well, which complements the dialogues and the general story.


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