Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales presents Be Yourself


The character stars in this audiovisual piece, in which he appears fighting against enemy gangs in Harlem. The world of crime does not stop, not even when superheroes dedicate all their efforts to ensure the safety of citizens.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is the new production of Insomniac Games for PS4 and PS5, a video game that starts from the first installment, but which is defined as an independent title rather than as a sequel or as an expansion. Sony Interactive Entertainment has shown Be Yourself, the commercial that will be broadcast on televisions.

In the cinematic clip we can see young Miles Morales fighting street gangs in the Harlem neighborhood of New York. What he does not abandon is his conversion to Spider-Man, since after being bitten by a spider he develops powers similar to those of Peter Parker. Among his abilities is the possibility of executing the poison punch or the invisibility technique.

The improvements of the PS5 version

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales will go on sale next November 12 on PS4 and PS5, although the next-generation version will not be available until the launch of the console, which will take place in Spain on November 19. Regarding this version, the title will work at 4K resolution with HDR, while it will also offer ray tracing and optimization with improvements in lighting, shadows and details of the characters. Those who prefer performance have the ability to set it to 60 fps. Of course, the shorter loading times and the use of 3D audio and DualSense functionalities (adaptive triggers and haptic technology) will be another of the characteristics of this version.

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Insomniac Games has asked players to watch out for spoilers on social media, as some copies have already been distributed. Considering that information goes viral quickly, the chances of encountering an unwanted surprise are wide.


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