Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales: gorgeous


The only Spider-Man in New York: this is the remarkable phrase that Peter Parker utters to Miles Morales during the prologue to Insomniac’s new adventure. Miles is on the subway. Warm clothes, backpack, pants, sneakers, headphones, a face of everyday life, without forgetting the state of alert that someone with his powers must have.

The car’s doors open. Gentleman, the young man gives way to other people to later get off the train and head to the streets. Still in a cordial tone, Miles offers help to workers who are transporting furniture into a truck. Say hello to the boy in the hot dog stand – New York classic -, wave to a stall owner, go into a convenience store to buy some items and take them to his mother. Nice.

Everything was paced, without pausing the music that filled the headphones of the hero, a pleasant citizen. Typical neighborhood friend, so to speak. Until the duty calls him – through the other friend, Peter Parker, here a supporting one of brief appearance.

So begins the exuberant gameplay video from Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales to which Voxel had access. We were able to check out this material and then talk to Brian Horton, creative director, and Cameron Christian, game director. Combat, exploration, city size, Miles’ personality and more: promising news from him that, according to the artists, is a “robust AAA that expands Spider-Man”.

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