Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales


We show you gameplay of the new Spider-Man game that we have already been able to enjoy on PS5. Two years after Insomniac surprised us with his brilliant interpretation of Spider-Man, the studio is back with a direct sequel starring Miles Morales.

New character, new powers and a new perspective for the same Manhattan that we never tire of walking with our cobwebs. If in the first game we played the role of a Peter Parker already well acquainted with what it means to be a superhero, here we will meet a young man who begins his career as a vigilante, with the shock that this supposes for his life as the knew. Here you have the video analysis of Spider-Man Miles Morales for PS5 and PS4.

For Miles it is a complicated period: moving to Harlem, the consequences of the tragedy he has lived through, a mother devoted to a political campaign for the council and the whole process of assimilating that he is now also Spider-Man, with the weight of a whole New York on your shoulders. One of the triumphs of Insomniac’s work is to convey more forcefully all those sensations behind the mask, knowing how to reflect well some of the qualities that have catapulted the character to media stardom and to withstand the long shadow of the original character of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. .

Known terrain

Those with fresh memories of the PS4 Spider-Man are on familiar ground. The structure is very similar: open world with a main mission and several secondary missions that we can follow, plus random events that occur constantly and in which we can intervene if we wish, or until we get tired of repeating them. The great sensations when moving through the city are impeccably preserved, with that adjusted system of cobwebs that allows us to experience moving like the arachnid hero, enjoying full control and the satisfaction of being able to go at breakneck speed if we do it well with the command.

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If you want to see it in motion, click play on the video that leads the piece.


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