Marvel’s Spider-Man Fan Adds PS1 Model to the Game


For almost four years, Marvel’s Spider-Man remained PlayStation exclusive. Now that Spider-Man Remastered is available on PC, this is no longer the case, but many still consider it synonymous with the PlayStation brand due to how successful it was as a Sony exclusive. It’s fitting that one fan kept the Spidey/PlayStation theme by modifying the character model from the original PS1 Spider-Man into Marvel Spider-Man.

Now you can try old-school images in the most modern game about sliders on the walls thanks to the modder Crazy Potato, who created a mod for Marvel’s Spider-Man, which replaces the classic costume in the open-world Insomniac game with Spidey from Neversoft 2000. game. The PS1 era character model is perfectly recreated here, complemented by dislocated limbs and a flat texture of clothing placed on top of a rough polygonal body.

A video with Marvel’s Spider-Man mod in action was also shared by Reddit user jjarack. The footage is short and fairly simple, showing the PS1 Spidey performing several melee and spider web attacks on the roof before jumping off to throw the web past several buildings and eventually landing on top of one of them to take a selfie. However, it’s a good demo for a short runtime, and it’s nice to see Peter Parker’s version of Neversoft perform tricks and move with a smoothness that was impossible to achieve at the turn of the century.

The Spider-Man PS1 model is imported from SpidermanPS4.

The Crazy Potato mod is the embodiment of the dream of fans who wanted Spider—Man for PS1 to be added to Spider-Man from Marvel, although not without one problem. According to Crazy Potato, the suit can be buggy and sometimes turn blue, but while this can apparently be fixed by just traveling fast or downloading the latest save, they have stated that they will work on a proper fix.

As for whether fans will ever be able to officially play for Spidey from Neversoft, it’s hard to say. Although Marvel’s Spider-Man has a variety of alternative costumes, referring to previous iterations of Peter Parker, in this case, you need to take into account a lot of bureaucratic delays. At the moment, Sony owns the rights to create Spider-Man games, but the Neversoft game was published by Activision, which will soon become the property of Microsoft. The number of parties that probably should have been involved probably won’t pay off for Sony, which is why a remaster of the original Spider-Man game for PS1 is unlikely to appear anytime soon.

Despite the obstacles, there is a chance that fans will not stop hoping that one day this will happen. While it may be pretty dated by today’s standards, especially considering the bar set by Insomniac games, Neversoft’s Spider-Man remains a favorite entry in Spider-Man video game history for how well it nailed the feel of the comics. It is not surprising that fans were somehow eager to see him in the modern Spidey game.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered is available for PC and PS5.


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