Marvel’s “Night Werewolf” has been shown on screen, find out what people are saying about the Disney horror special+


MCU gets into the spirit of the season!

This Halloween, the Marvel cinematic universe turns into horror with a special presentation “Night Werewolf”. The development of a special edition that will introduce one of Marvel’s most unusual characters live for the first time was announced last August, and the creepy black-and-white trailer thrilled fans to see what the classic horror tone would be. integrated into Phase 4 of the MCU. Well, a special screening has been shown, and critics are turning to social media with their first reactions ahead of the one-off release on October 7 for those with a Disney+ subscription.

The special stars Gael Garcia Bernal as the titular Night Werewolf, also known as the Night Werewolf. Jack Russell along with Harriet Sansom Harris and Laura Donnelly as monster hunters who participate in a deadly competition to catch a real monster, unaware that Jack Russell is the humanized form of their target. Let’s see what people are saying, starting with CinemaBlend’s own Eric Eisenberg, who tweets that this is a very cool treat for MCU fans and a unique project for a cross-platform franchise.:

Big Screen Leaks also admits it’s a “big leap” for Marvel, saying it pays off with a mannered atmosphere and a good game:

Do you always bet money on a Person-Thing, Amirite? Chris Stuckmann says that Werewolf By Night is not afraid of blood and gore, as well as, of course, great fight scenes, because it’s Marvel:

Among the first wave of reviews by director and composer Michael Giacchino, there is also a lot of praise, and critic Eric Davis praises the way he combines classic horror with a sense of humor MCU:

Eric Voss says that the director has achieved something special, and notes that “Night Werewolf” meets all the requirements of the genre.

Many of those who were able to view the special edition noted that they wanted more, either in the sense of more independent holiday-themed stories, such as the upcoming holiday special “Guardians of the Galaxy”, or simply more time spent in this particular story. with Jack Russell, Man-Thing, etc. To this end, Sean Chandler tweets that his biggest complaint is that the special is not long enough:

Brandon Davis says he immediately wanted to watch the special again as soon as he finished, and with a duration of just over 52 minutes on Collider, it definitely sounds like an option. Davis tweeted:

Screenwriter S. Robert Cargill even hints at the unexpected appearance of the iconic comic character and says that this special offer is a very fun treat for Halloween:

The first reaction to Werewolf By Night is definitely enough to excite MCU fans, especially if they like to indulge in classic horror at this time of year. The release of the special is just around the corner, as it will be available for streaming on Disney+ on Friday, October 7th. This story is part of the 4th phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so check out the upcoming films for the 4th and 5th phases. , and 6, and if you’re ready for a deep dive, here’s how to watch all the Marvel movies in order.


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