Marvel’s New Captain America Meets His Rival: Luke Cage


Warning! Spoilers for The Variant # 2 from Marvel Comics

Marvel’s new Captain America has just learned the harsh truth that standing between Luke Cage and his family is a very bad idea. In “Variants #2” from Marvel Comics, a variant of Jessica Jones tries to defeat her Earth-616 counterpart. When Luke and Jessica’s daughter Dani Cage sees a struggle between options, Luke intervenes when the Marvel Strongman defends his family and puts an end to the fight by destroying Captain America armed with a shield.

Luke Cage and Jessica Jones make up one of Marvel’s most influential couples, as both super-strong heroes aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, especially when it comes to protecting their daughter Dani. In the current Marvel Comics mini-series The Variations, Jessica Jones has mysteriously encountered two new versions of herself, one of which claims to be Captain America. However, Cage shows what he is willing to do to protect Dani and Jessica, helping Jones defeat the hero with a shield, demonstrating incredible strength.


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