Marvel’s Midnight Suns Should Last Between 40 and 60 Hours


Last Wednesday (8), several details regarding Marvel’s Midnight Suns were released, and among them is the fact that the journey in this game should last something between 40 and 60 hours that vary according to the style of play of each. person and if you intend to perform all the extras available beyond the main quest.

Another element revealed at the time is the fact that the missions here will not bring a time counter similar to the one seen in XCOM, in addition to a very important element: using the same hero too much can cause him to be injured in battles and, thus, inflicting some penalty on your income on later missions.

“The more you take a certain hero into battle, the more you expose him to the risk of taking a lot of damage. Wounded characters can still be used in combat, but will have different penalties – for example, they can start a battle at half health. At other times, however, the heroes themselves may ask to be put into action, and you will receive rewards if you do what they ask for,” commented Jake Solomon, director of the game.

Marvel’s Midnight Sun is scheduled to arrive in March 2022 in PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S versions.


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