Marvel’s Midnight Suns Is Postponed To The 2nd Half Of 2022


Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Firaxis Games announced this Wednesday (3rd) that Marvel’s Midnight Suns has been postponed to the 2nd half of 2022. more calm.

“We know a lot of fans were looking forward to playing the game originally next spring [fall in the southern hemisphere] and our decision was not taken lightly. We decided to push the release because we need more time to make this the best game possible,” said Jake Solomon and Garth DeAngelis, Creative Director and Senior Franchise Producer, respectively, in a statement.

The executives also argued that they believe in the studio’s creative vision for the title and that everyone wants to “do justice in delivering an unforgettable adventure set in a supernatural side of Marvel.”

According to them, the extra time will be used to add more stories in Marvel’s Midnight Suns and cinematics and give the game a final polish.

The game, which consists of a tactical RPG, was announced in August, during Gamescom 2021. Published by 2K, “Marvel’s XCom” will have a customizable protagonist and an unprecedented villain in the universe that was made especially for the title.

Marvel Midnight Suns will be released in the 2nd half of 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam and Epic Games Store).