Marvel’s Midnight Sun Spider-Man Gameplay Shows Demonic New Power


The recently released trailer for Marvel’s “Midnight Suns” reveals some of Spider-Man’s new supernatural abilities. Firaxis Games, the developer of XCOM, unveiled its comic book-themed tactical role-playing game during the Gamescom 2021 live broadcast last August, and Marvel’s Midnight Suns is scheduled to be released on most major platforms this October. Players will take on the role of the Hunter, a customizable original character resurrected by a team of Marvel’s most famous heroes to fight the demonic threat. The squad mates who will join the Hunter in this mission consist of core characters such as Iron Man, Captain America and Wolverine, as well as Marvel supernatural heroes such as Doctor Strange, Blade and Magic.

One of the most unexpected but no less popular superheroes to be confirmed for Marvel’s Midnight Suns is Spider-Man, who announced his presence during the June Summer Game Fest event. In the trailer for Marvel’s “Midnight Suns,” shown during this live demo, Wall Crawler jumps into battle in a new black and gold suit to fight Venom, who has been corrupted by an army of demons and their leader Lilith in an attempt to unleash hell on earth. The announcement that Spider will appear in Marvel’s “Midnight Suns” has divided some fans as much as his PlayStation exclusive appearance as a DLC character in Marvel’s “Avengers,” but Peter Parker’s witty alter ego will be back in action later this year. and he brings with him some new supernatural tricks.

Earlier this week, the official Marvel Midnight Suns YouTube channel posted a brand new Midnight Suns trailer dedicated to Spider-Man, according to GameRant. Spider-Man fights a group of military thugs on the roof, starting with the usual set of kicks and cobwebs, and then switching to several new mystical abilities based on fire. One of these new attacks shows Spider-Man surrounding himself with supernatural flames and jumping into the air, and then summoning fiery versions of mechanical limbs similar to spider legs, which he often uses in his image of the Iron Spider in comics and MCU films.

These mechanical limbs can also be seen in some trailers for Marvel’s upcoming Spider-Man 2 movie, in which Insomniac’s version of the famous spider-Catcher will return to PlayStation 5 to fight classic opponents such as Venom and Kraven the Hunter in 2023. Meanwhile, Marvel’s Midnight Suns will feature a wide range of enemies such as Sabretooth and Venom, and recent publications from video game rating boards in Australia and elsewhere hint that the game could be much darker than Marvel’s previous offerings due to its adult rating.

While some fans think Spider-Man is a poor fit for Marvel’s supernatural-themed “Midnight Sun” compared to characters like Moon Knight and Morbius, the ever-popular spider-man will be present when Firaxis’ new tactical superhero role-playing game is released later this year. Spider-Man will also have new abilities to destroy demons, and players will likely see more of these fire attacks in action as Marvel’s Midnight Suns approaches its planned October release date.


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