Marvel’s Iron Man VR se actualiza con New Game+


Camouflaj announces the contents of the new free update for its successful virtual reality game with new armor, challenges and improvements.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR for PS4 has been updated to version 1.06 with many interesting new features; this was announced by Camouflaj through an official publication on PlayStation Blog, confirming the arrival of the expected New Game +, new missions and challenges, new armor and weapons, new modes and numerous improvements and corrections, among many other features. And all this completely free of charge through a new patch already available on PlayStation 4.

Update 1.06 now available on PS4

Thus, all those who have already finished the adventure and want to continue squeezing the possibility of becoming Tony Stark can now enjoy the New Game +, in order to start the campaign again, preserving all the accumulated experience and any element unlocked in the first pass. But the news of this new update of Marvel’s Iron Man VR does not end there.

And it is that players looking for the highest level of challenge can venture with the new Ultimate difficulty mode, even more challenging than the most difficult so far, the Invincible level. Added to all this are new weapons such as the Continuous Ray Repulsor, the EM Charge Cannon, the Micro-Swarm or the Gravity Bomb, new ways to take down enemies while we soar through the skies at full speed.

On the other hand, a series of new challenges have been added through which to unlock up to eight new armor, a detail that will be liked by all fans of Iron Man and Marvel in general. Last but not least, the occasion has been used to introduce all kinds of improvements and corrections, in addition to considerably reducing loading times, one of the main obstacles since its launch, among other novelties, in addition to now allowing Skip the cutscenes and skip two story missions if they have already been completed.


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