Marvel’s Hulk-Wolverine Hybrid Adds New Malevolent Power to Logan’s Claws


Marvel H’s weapon can turn his adamantium claws into other weapons, as the hero-a hybrid of Wolverine and Hulk can shoot them like projectiles. In Marvel Comics’ Hulkverines #3, Weapon H reveals one of its coolest abilities. In this issue, he rushes at the villainous Leader with his claws, surprising his opponent by sending one of the sharp blades as a projectile, demonstrating an incredible ability that he possesses, but which Wolverine does not have.

Marvel’s Weapon H is a combined hero whose main powers stem from the biology of the Hulk and Wolverine. The monster created as part of the Weapon X program looks like a Jade Giant, but has at its disposal bone claws covered with adamantium, which makes it one of the most terrifying creatures in the Marvel universe. However, a mercenary who has become a hybrid hero has not only the abilities of two heroes. Along with the powers of Warpath and Sabretooth, Weapon H also has a Domino luck probability. But one day the hero showed that one of his coolest abilities is connected with the use of claws as a new type of weapon.

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In Hulkverines #3 by Greg Pack, Ario Anindito, Morrie Hollowell, and Joe Caramagna of VC from Marvel Comics Weapon H fights Halkverin and Hulk with claws, and the Leader turns the two heroes into Halkverins. However, after the trio agrees to work together, they turn their attention to the villain. When Weapon H rushes towards the Leader, he bares his claws, using his powers to send one of his adamantium-covered bones straight into him as a throwing weapon, much to his opponent’s surprise.

With the abilities of the Hulk, Wolverine and other heroes and villains, Weapon H constantly surprises even himself, demonstrating new abilities to this day. For example, in the latest issue of Savage Avengers, Halkverin managed to become a version of the Red Hulk with wings. In this case, he made Wolverine’s claws an even more dangerous weapon, turning them into deadly projectiles. This is a creative new way to make his adamantium bones even more dangerous.

Despite the fact that Weapon H has often appeared on the pages of Marvel Comics, the true extent of the hybrid hero’s abilities is still unknown. In this case, the transformation of Wolverine’s claws into deadly projectiles illustrates how different he is from the hero whose DNA is part of him, as he has evolved and demonstrated new abilities that make him one of the strongest fighters in the universe. If the battle with the Hulk-Wolverine hybrid wasn’t difficult enough, the claw projectiles make it even more deadly than originally thought.