Marvel’s Hawkeye Enters Wii Sports Resort in a Fun Fan Edition


Hawkeye from Marvel’s Avengers spent a bit of time at the Wii Sports Resort thanks to a recent fan edit, and it’s not too good for other Miis. Wii Sports Resort was the second in the Wii Sports line and represented one of the most reliable groups of games in the series. Unfortunately, fans were a little disappointed that the most recent game, Nintendo Switch Sports, was missing some of the most notable Wii Sports games.

The Wii Sports game series dates back to 2006 with its first Wii Sports game, which came bundled with all launch versions of the Nintendo Wii console. Thanks to its availability to all Wii players at launch, Wii Sports has become one of Nintendo’s most beloved party games along with party icons Mario Party, Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. The Nintendo console since then. The games allowed players to use their own avatars, known as Miis, and force them to participate in various sporting events. Despite the fact that the list of activities varied depending on each application, Wii Sports Resort had perhaps the most fascinating choice: from basketball to bowling, boxing, golf and archery.

In a hilarious fan edit by Reddit user, Faithful Leaf, Marvel’s Avengers teammate Hawkeye decided to try his hand at archery at the Nintendo Wii sports resort. An impressive video from Faithfoliage smoothly transforms the famous archer from Marvel into a sports resort and shows how he enjoys his favorite activity. As expected, the first three ordinary targets of the resort turned out to be a simple task for an experienced shooter. Unfortunately for the rest of the participating Miis, Hawkeye overdid it a bit after hitting his third target. As if possessed by the villain Loki again, Hawkeye aimed his bow at the unsuspecting Mii from the resort. He even managed to shoot poor Mii in the head, who accidentally flew by. In the finale, the grizzled Avenger fired one arrow into the air, followed by the last projectile with an attached mushroom from Super Mario. An arrow with mushrooms hit the previous one, causing it to grow to a huge size and hit the arena of the resort with such force that it devastated the entire island.

It seems that fan edits and games always go hand in hand. Fans have gone to great lengths to edit their favorite games on other media or vice versa using a variety of methods. Some of them are as simple as drawing your favorite video game characters as popular wrestlers or digitizing Norman Reedus in Red Dead Redemption 2. One could even argue that most of the various modder communities are the main source of interactive fan edits.

While Hawkeye’s devastating stay at the Wii Sports Resort is regrettable, it certainly won’t interfere with future excursions for him or any other characters, if fans have anything to say about it. With all the techniques available today to create such seamless crossovers, fans will allow iconic characters like the Avengers to appear in more multiverse than Marvel would ever allow. Whether it’s games, movies, or comics, fans will continue to serve as the main link between creative spheres.