Marvel’s Avengers will apply patch to hinder leveling up


Marvel’s Avengers continues to apply balancing updates to the game, and the newest patch will make character progression even longer. Crystal Dynamics’ plan is to make these changes available on March 18, as soon as the versions for Xbox Series X | S and PS5 are released.

The idea is to demand more experience points before reaching level 50, since the producer thought that the players were reaching the power ceiling too quickly and, consequently, leaving the game earlier than they should have.

“In most games, the amount of XP you need to evolve goes up on a curve, but ours was a stable straight line, which created some pace problems, with rewards coming in too fast, which may confuse new players “said the studio in a post on its official blog.

As a result, grinding will be especially demanding and time-consuming starting at level 25, which was not very well received by players, who already considered progress too slow before that. What did you think of this update? Comment below!


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