Marvel’s Avengers: We play beta. Learning to be a hero


We played the beta of the new Crystal Dynamics title in both its single and multiplayer offerings. An experience that raises several questions.

Going into a high-budget production based on a Marvel license is not an easy undertaking. There are innumerable unsuccessful attempts to transfer this cultural phenomenon to the video game, increased by the Cinematographic Universe, which is now forced to respond to this anthology of films. Crystal Dynamics has placed this responsibility on its shoulders with a truly ambitious project, which wants to be many things at the same time, with the risks that this entails if things do not finish bearing fruit. It is early to know whether or not Marvel’s Avengers is what many fans expect; However, after a generous amount of hours playing beta we can already anticipate that ideas are superfluous, although not all of them are executed satisfactorily.

So that no one gets lost, it should be said that Marvel’s Avengers will divide their experience into the individual and multiplayer aspects, often interconnected, a balance that seems necessary to guarantee for those users who are looking for a popcorn action video game and those who embrace the idea of ​​game as a service that the American study has told us so much about. Unlike the demo we tested at Gamescom almost a year ago now, the result has improved. Not only the faces, something trivial and that does not influence the game experience, but some animations, character movement and the damage box, more accurate.

Let’s talk about how Marvel’s Avengers feels at the controls

That initial demo on A-Day, when the Golden Gate Bridge catastrophe occurs in a devastated San Francisco that culminates in the persecution of the Avengers and the appearance of the inhumans, continues to serve as a tutorial; it is there, in fact, where this beta that we have played on a PlayStation 4 Pro begins. The sensations are remarkable, but not as much as we would have liked. Control is different if we manage Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Natasha or Thor, with a complex and promising character enhancement system where unlocking skills is, so that we can get an idea without leaving the universe of the house of ideas, much like Marvel’s Spider-Man. As we complete quests, find chests, or meet objectives, the character will level up numerically – accompanied by stats like melee damage, medium range damage, defense, and the heroic special attack – a simple approach to the role we’ve already seen. in other references such as Destiny or Warframe; an inheritance that feels good to him because he knows himself valid. It’s very clear. As clear as that range of options we were talking about. Once we open the menu, the skill points are the currency of exchange to unlock new movements of all the available types: simple movement; strong attack; skill with the hammer on duty; special … It is addictive and encourages you to get every improvement because it does not influence aesthetic parameters but is playable.

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The problem behind this clever design idea lies in the empirical experience that is run at the controls: it is a very systemic video game. It would not be fair to use the word “repetitive” now because this is a beta; There is a long way to go in the complete work that will be released this September, but for now that feeling of exhaustion can be palpable from the first missions, with a scheme based on cleaning the area of ​​enemies in closed environments to go to the next, very pounding buttons, after all, because artificial intelligence is far from perfect. We are convinced that Crystal Dynamics is taking note of the general feedback from both future buyers and those who start playing this beta as of August 7, because it is a crucial element that can ruin the gameplay. The title will have four levels of difficulty; We have taken on the missions at Normal level to accurately calibrate the standard vision of the Shawn Escayg and Sctot Amos team. The sensations are, at least for now, of a little challenging title due to the minimal opposition of some soldiers who are sometimes deficient, who do not neutralize, they are simply there waiting to be hit by that enormous green monster. Regretful reminiscence of how little bad Rise of the Tomb Raider had (2015).


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