Marvel’s Avengers: Update Brought Bug Showing Player IP


Marvel’s Avengers got an update last Tuesday (22), which caused problems for PS5 players. The update brought a security flaw that displayed sensitive information on the screen, including the date and time of connection, the user’s ID and IP. However, Crystal Dynamics has already released a patch that fixes the issue.

The player’s IP address and other information were displayed while streaming the game to the Sony console. Once the stream started, text floated at the bottom of the screen with the streamer’s connection data, so there wasn’t even an option in the game’s settings to remove this information.

It is worth remembering that having the IP disclosed represents a great risk. With it, hackers can discover the location of the connection and even carry out attacks and scams with the information obtained. And, while the game’s producer didn’t bring a solution to the problem, she recommended just avoiding broadcasting the game on the PlayStation 5 until an update solves this headache.