Marvel’s Avengers: Spider-Man and Raids To Arrive Later This Year


Marvel’s Avengers, the game of the Marvel superhero group, won today (8) an updated roadmap. The image documents everything Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix plan to bring to the game — including the addition of Spider-Man, one of the most anticipated heroes since before the title’s release.

In August, Marvel’s Avengers received the “War for Wakanda” expansion, which added the new hero Black Panther (which, like the other heroes, came with a bunch of skins); the territory of Wakanda, full of new mission areas; the villain Ulysses Klaue; and the Klaw, a new enemy faction.

This month, the game celebrates its first anniversary by offering player benefits: for the first week, an Iron Man costume was made available for free in the store. Next week, starting tomorrow (9), it’s Thor’s turn to receive a free skin (available for a week, until September 15th).

And now, thanks to the updated roadmap, we know what plans are in store for heroes.

What’s New in Marvel’s Avengers

In the coming months, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix plan to bring back some previously seen events, such as the Red Room, the Tachyon Anomalies and even the recent Vibranium Corrupted.

Also, despite not having an exact date, Spider-Man’s arrival is finally confirmed for this year. The webhead should, in a new redesigned version for Marvel’s Avengers, be out by December 2021. The hero will be exclusive to PlayStation versions of the game.

Another new thing coming up is the addition of raids, starting with the fight against Klaue in what promises to be the conclusion of his saga in the game. Players will be able to join squadrons to fight Klaw forces in raids in Normal (Power 150 to 160) and Elite (Power 160 to 175) modes.

Also confirmed are more costumes inspired by the MCU movies, as well as partnerships celebrating the Disney+ series, starting with the Hawkeye series.

Marvel’s Avengers had a rocky release. The good combat system didn’t save the game from disappointing with various bugs and repetitive gameplay. Low sales led the game to struggle even to pay for its own development.

Apparently, both studios seem committed to reversing the picture once and for all, offering more content and revising what has already been released.

Marvel’s Avengers has versions for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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