Marvel’s Avengers Latest Patch Improves Pc game stability


Nixxes confirms the changes made in the latest Marvel’s Avengers patch on PC. The cloud save function and several improvements are added.

Marvel’s Avengers receives a new patch focused on solving several of the problems found in its version for PC. Through a note on the official page within Steam, Nixxes reveals what aspects we can find from this moment on.

Steam cloud functionality has been added to sync your save game across multiple computers. Nvidia 10 series users will now find that alt-tabbing or alt-entering will not break the game; there was a problem working with your drivers. On the other hand, the DEVICE_HUNG crash that some players experienced in the sewers section has been fixed.

Despite not specifying, this build 12.9 includes a handful of stability improvements focused on offering an optimal experience on the platform. The company recognizes that they are “aware” of the problems that its users have encountered in the first hours of the game on the market. “Teams are working hard to fix the issues, but now we want to make sure we deliver the stability improvements we’ve already identified for all of you.” “More patches” will arrive in the next few weeks.

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