Marvel’s Avengers June Update Marks a Shift in Post-Launch Support


While it’s unclear how long Marvel’s Avengers will continue to be supported, or if there are any plans to release larger content like War For Wakanda, Crystal Dynamics has given fans a better look at what’s coming in the near future. The June development update not only revealed that Jane Foster will appear in just a few weeks, but also touched on the type of content that will be released after she joins the list.

Interestingly, the June development update suggests that the content that will appear after the addition of Jane Foster will consist of “a constant series of content updates focused on heroes and villains.” Based on what is outlined in the post, it seems obvious that after the launch, the focus will be on faster additions that eliminate the lack of boss fights and add new heroes. While this has its advantages, it could also be a step backwards for Marvel’s Avengers in several ways.

We are analyzing the new content plan of Marvel’s Avengers

Although it is confirmed that Jane Foster Thor has her own hero card and unique abilities such as All-Weapon Ultimate, these are not the most interesting things in her addition. According to Crystal Dynamics, Mighty Thor will be with its own chain of “Hero” missions, but not with an Operation. This means that updating it will not add a meaningful story full of new missions, screensavers and bosses. Instead, she will be treated like the Spider-Man DLC.

This may well become the norm for adding new heroes, since it probably took a lot of time and money to develop Operations. For those who are not familiar with the chains of hero missions, they are, in fact, just tasks for players, to which a small story is attached. While completing Jane’s tasks, players will most likely interact with some characters in one of the game’s nodes, unlocking a special outfit at the end of the quest chain. In addition to a short video introducing Jane and a possible trailer, fans should not expect that unique videos or missions will be added along with her.

As for what will be in the game after Jane, Crystal Dynamics has confirmed that a co-op version of the MODOC boss battle is imminent. Players will learn that he survived a new Warzone mission with an Omega-level threat, in which the most powerful heroes of the Earth unite to fight the villain. This omega-level threat will be the long-awaited endgame content of the Cloning Lab, and Crystal Dynamics promises that it will be “satisfactory and meaningful.” The lack of a release date for this content is not surprising, although a release in July seems likely, since more will be told about it in the next developer update.

The Pros of Marvel’s Avengers’ New Post-Release Approach

After the release of a new update for Marvel’s Avengers developers, several positive conclusions can be drawn, the most important of which is the appearance of a new boss. Since the game’s debut, one of the biggest problems has been the lack of boss diversity, with villains like Taskmaster and Abomination constantly appearing. Crystal Dynamics is gradually replenishing the boss pool, and the addition of MODOK, fortunately, will lead to its further expansion. With the promise that there will be new villain-focused updates coming soon, Marvel’s Avengers can finally fix one of its key flaws.

MODOK is introduced with Warzone and then became an Omega—level threat star – another smart move as players can get a bit of backstory before jumping into a new boss battle. This can be a great format for Crystal Dynamics as it can create additional villains with a basic mission before allowing players to fight them in the villain sector or an Omega level threat. More regular updates are what the game needs, as months of downtime between major content releases have reduced the number of concurrent players for Marvel’s Avengers.

Jane Foster, so similar to Thor, may make her addition less exciting than someone like Doctor Strange or Scarlet Witch, but the way she is added may prove promising. While many may be upset that she doesn’t seem to get a storyline operation like two Hawkeye, sticking to the Hero’s mission chain may allow Crystal Dynamics to expand the list faster. The window between Jane and the leaked Hulk Woman hero can be much shorter, for example, as can the wait between the release of the Hulk Woman and whoever comes after her.

Cons of Marvel’s Avengers’ New Post-Release Approach

While adding heroes and villains faster is a good move, it’s hard not to be a little disappointed that Operations and Expansions are no longer in the spotlight. While the long wait between them was impractical and proved detrimental to the game in the long run, having hours of new story content to dive into as well as some new regions was exciting.