Marvel’s Avengers: It’s About the Right Sequel


Despite several months of struggle, Marvel’s Avengers are still getting support. Jane Foster has just come out, and the developers have confirmed that the next Marvel’s Avengers hero will have a completely original set of techniques. While it’s nice to see that the game hasn’t been abandoned yet, Crystal Dynamics can do little to improve it, given the small development team and the seemingly low budget that is still available for content after launch.

Marvel’s Avengers was a game unlike anything Crystal Dynamics had ever done, and Square Enix went so far as to claim that it had chosen the wrong developer to play live. However, it cannot be denied that it has gotten better since its first release, taking into account community feedback and some genuine highs observed along with many lows. Taking into account the lessons learned from Marvel’s original “Avengers,” Crystal Dynamics will probably be in a much better position to develop a sequel.

Another Strong Marvel’s Avengers Campaign

Despite the fact that there was a lot of criticism about Marvel’s Avengers, one of the aspects that was constantly praised was the single-player campaign. Given Crystal Dynamics’ experience with single—player games like the Tomb Raider survivor trilogy, they certainly felt more comfortable working on single-player missions than on live service elements-which was very clear given the game’s strong narrative. The beginning of Marvel’s Avengers A-Day is excellent: Kamala Khan meets his heroes before the tragedy breaks out. There are also many great scenes throughout the campaign, such as Tony Stark’s argument with Bruce Banner and Miss Marvel’s decisive clash with the Kree Sentinel.

Considering that the original story mode works so well, and Ms. Marvel represents one of the best female video game characters of 2020, it can be assumed that another single-player campaign will be just as exciting. Since Kamala has become a hero, she could be seen as a worthy member of the team in the next game, and another young hero might be the main character. Crystal Dynamics could also split the story equally among all the Avengers instead of having a real protagonist, giving the developer plenty of options.

Given that Marvel’s Avengers story operations and expansions seem to be becoming less important so that the developer can release content faster, a full-fledged sequel seems even more attractive. Jane Foster’s story trailer shows how creative Crystal Dynamics scriptwriters can be, so getting such content in game form or in-game clips would be a big win. While new missions, heroes and villains are obviously needed, it’s disappointing to see Marvel’s Avengers story becoming less popular given how strong it started. A sequel and a new campaign could push the narrative in a broader direction, and given that the seeds of Ultron have already been planted, it would be great to see what Crystal Dynamics can do with the villain.

Do everything right from the start with Marvel’s Avengers 2

It goes without saying that Marvel’s Avengers took a long time to find their footing. For months, players have been fighting the same bosses in Taskmaster and Abomination, despite a huge gallery of Marvel villains from which Crystal Dynamics could choose. Locations were also boring before Wasteland and Wakanda were added, as players fought in regular cities and deserts. There was also not enough content for endgame: the raid and Omega-level threats presented in the game were nowhere to be seen. Also, unlockable cosmetics was a big problem that was solved just a few months ago with Marvel’s Avengers’ delivery system. Add to that performance issues and controversial microtransaction prices, and it’s no surprise that the game has a bad reputation.

With the hypothetical Marvel’s Avengers 2, Crystal Dynamics could release a game that doesn’t have any of these flaws. The delivery system could have been present from the very beginning, the release could have had good locations and a variety of bosses, and the game could have had a better approach to endgame content. Other issues can also be fixed. Marvel’s Avengers gear system can be much more accessible and less random, and maps can be designed so that heroes can move much faster than they are now. The release of a better sequel would allow Marvel’s Avengers 2 to attract a wider audience, and with better support after launch, Crystal Dynamics could keep them in the game. While the original Marvel Avengers have improved since release, most players didn’t want to give it a second chance, which is a big problem.

And finally, most importantly, the sequel could provide Marvel fans with a game that isn’t entirely based on AIM. Focusing on just one faction was a strange move, as fighting the same mechs and beekeepers quickly gets boring.