Marvel’s Avengers Designer Removed from Representative Post Due to Racist, Anti-Racist and Homophobic Tweets


Marvel’s Avengers designer Brian Wagoner has been suspended from his position as a representative of Crystal Dynamics Studio after a series of offensive tweets he had previously posted online.

The tweets in question, which date back to 2010, were discovered by the gaming community because of their racist, anti-racist and homophobic content.

Most of the posts have since been deleted, but one from 2020 in which Wagoner called himself a “Trump voter” still remains.

Wagoner apologized for the offensive tweets after they appeared and said he takes “full responsibility for the harm they have caused to my followers, the community and those I work with.”

“Since then I have been studying and growing up, and the content I post does not reflect who I am today,” he tweeted on Monday (November 21). “I understand if you can’t accept my apology because of the pain I caused. I will continue to listen, study and work on myself.”


Shortly after Waggoner’s apology, Crystal Dynamics confirmed that he would no longer be a representative of the studio and would not transmit information on any of their projects.

“It is incredibly disappointing that the language and views of the employees do not correspond to the values of our studio,” the company tweeted. “We apologize to our community and colleagues who are rightfully upset by the content. Brian will no longer be a studio representative and will not talk about studio projects.”

The company did not specify whether Wagoner would remain one of their designers.

Wagoner joined Crystal Dynamics in April 2021 to help with Marvel’s Avengers, which has been having problems since its release in 2020. Then he became the most famous public representative of the game, primarily due to an awkward moment on the air when the Hulk Woman accidentally turned out to be a new game character.

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