Marvel’s Avengers Delay Patch 2.3: They Need “Some Extra Time”


Marvel’s Avengers: The patch, which is intended to streamline missions and improve the user experience, will take longer than initially planned, explains Crystal Dynamics. Crystal Dynamics needs more time to work on Marvel’s Avengers patch 3.2. If only a few days ago we knew that a War Table was going to be held on March 24 to assess the news and changes in this update, which seeks to streamline missions and improve the general user experience, now we know that the The arrival of said patch will make it necessary to beg more than initially contemplated to ensure that all these modifications are applied correctly.

“We are going to take some extra time with patch 2.3 to make sure that the new adjustments and the addition of missions are ready to go”, they explain on the social network Twitter, “and we have to delay its launch. We will inform you of the new date as soon as we have it”, they finish. No further details have been released.

What Marvel’s Avengers patch 2.3 seeks to improve

Marvel’s Avengers patch 2.3 is more ambitious than usual, bringing new missions to the war table, including a new villain sector and vault. Also, from then on the missions will not change every 15 minutes. Once the patch arrives, deployment zones and threat sectors will appear on the war table at all times. “Hives will spawn when you reach a power level comparable to the rank of the region it is in. Now, each region has a minimum power level and a suggested maximum power level.” If we reach the suggested maximum power level, we will directly go from one region to another as the character’s strength increases.

“We hope that these changes work well to create a more fluid and efficient experience for new players and veterans,” they said in their latest official blog post.

Marvel’s Avengers is available on PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia and PC; also with next gen versions with improvements in loading times, performance and technical section on Xbox Series and PlayStation 5. The update is free for purchasers of the game in the previous generation editions.