Marvel’s Avengers creators sure to save gamers


From Crystal Dynamics they assure that they work daily to improve the game and talk about new future content, although without specifying what it is about.

Just a month after the release of Marvel’s Avengers, the consequences of lower-than-expected endgame content, which we echoed in our review of the game, is a considerable loss of players on PC. You can imagine that the circumstances are similar in the market for consoles, PS4 and Xbox One, but in Crystal Dynamics they do not lose hope that many of them will be able to enjoy the game again.

The plan in fact is to provide new content to keep players involved in Marvel’s Avengers, but for the moment, the study has not specified what it will be, or when they will implement it. Of course, as we said, they believe that it will mean the return of many owners of the game.

“For our players: every day we fight to make the best game possible for our community,” said Scott Amos, the studio’s chief executive officer, in an interview with Kotaku. “We have a great community leadership at Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix who pass on all your concerns, suggestions and feedback to the development team every day. We are listening. We are making improvements and additions as fast as we can to make Marvel’s Avengers the game that aspires to be “.

Promises of the future

As we said before, Amos anticipates the content to come, without specifying exactly what it will be about.

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“We will continue to add new content to the game in the coming months, in addition to fixing bugs and balancing it, including the loot enjoyment and quality of life features that everyone is asking for to improve the daily experience, from accessibility to cooperative communication. , going through tools to balance the economy, “Amos continues. “We are confident that PC as well as PS4 and Xbox One players will return to the game as we add exciting new content to show that we are focused on improving it.”

Marvel’s Avengers is now available on the platforms we mentioned before, although it will also be available on the new generation consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series, from the day of its launch.


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