Marvel’s Avengers comes with exclusive Intel technologies!


Marvel’s Avengers, which has been one of the highly anticipated games for a while, continues to share new information every day. The action game in which we will play many superheroes will be the first AAA production to use Intel technologies. So, which Intel technologies will be used in the game? The answer to this question is in our news …

Marvel’s Avengers will come with Intel technologies!

The game, which will be available on September 4, 2020, has become playable today for users who pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition package. So people who buy the Deluxe Edition will start playing the game as of September 1.

There is a two-year partnership between Intel and Marvel’s Avengers. In this way, we will be able to see more technological features in the future.

The Intel technologies in the game are as follows; Reactive Water Simulation, Enhanced Enemy Destruction, and Super Charged Heroics.

Reactiive Water Simulation; a feature that makes the water effects in the game look much more beautiful and realistic. Thanks to the processor, we can say that the details of the water physics are transferred better.

Enhanced Enemy Destruction; Thanks to this feature, the environment and enemy designs come to a more detailed level, and when combined with the gameplay, the interaction increases as a result of your attacks and the particle effects become better quality.

Super Charged Heroics; Your heroes will have signature moves, and these moves will look much more magnificent than usual. The power and shock wave of each hero, each special move will reveal even more epic scenes.

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Apart from all these, those who buy 9th or 10th generation Intel processors during the Intel Game Days will also receive the game for free.


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