Marvel’s Avengers beta version is on Steam!


It has been announced that the Marvel’s Avengers Beta will be free to experience on Steam until August 23. Players who have not yet pre-ordered the game can play the beta version for free on PC. In this way, you can complete some tasks in the game and examine the graphics and optimization of the game. You can also get an idea of ​​whether to pre-order the game or not.

The game, which started its open beta on Friday, August 21, will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC on September 4. The download size of the game is stated as 27 GB.

How Can I Access Marvel’s Avengers Beta Version?

  • Download Steam and create an account.
  • Search for “Marvel’s Avengers Beta” from the search button in the store.
  • Press the beta version of the game that appears with the text “Free” in the search results and go to the page of the game.
  • You can start downloading the game by clicking the “Play the Game” button.

Most players who tested the beta version have already started commenting on the game. The most striking complaint in the comments was that the game had an optimization problem and there were too many bugs in the game.

While some players gave positive feedback about the game, others said it would be a logical move for players who want to buy Marvel’s Avengers to wait.

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