Marvel’s Avengers Beta: Dates and content


The Crystal Dynamics title will feature this open beta to enjoy many hours of single and multiplayer content before launch.
Crystal Dynamics has confirmed during the last Marvel’s Avengers War Table that the video game will have an open beta before its launch this September, a snack that will allow us to access a multitude of individual and multiplayer game modes on PS4, Xbox One and PC so that we can get an idea of ​​the ambition of the studio in this game as a service.

We start with the dates, which is the most important thing after all. According to information shared by the developer, the beta for Marvel’s Avengers will be available on August 7 exclusively for PlayStation 4 players who have reserved the title. This session will be until August 9. The second session will begin on August 14, open to all, until August 16. Finally, on Xbox One and PC, the beta will start on August 14 and end on August 16 for those who have reserved. The open beta for everyone will be from August 21 to 23 on all three platforms.

  • PS4 with reservation: from 7 to 9 August
  • PS4, open beta for all: from August 14 to 16
  • Xbox One and PC by reservation: August 14-16
  • PS4, Xbox One and PC, open beta for all: from August 21 to 23

Marvel’s Avengers beta content

Crystal Dynamics wants to offer a complete experience before the launch of the game. As they explain: “We have designed the Marvel’s Avengers beta to give you an idea of ​​the complete game experience: single player content from the original campaign, cooperative War Zone missions, progress of heroes and the world, and much more” .

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Golden Gate Bridge Demo – This is the Golden Gate Bridge sequence from A-Day, allowing you to test the combat and scrolling style of Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and Black Widow. He also has a final battle against Supervisor. After completing the A-Day, the beta will give us access to new Hero Missions of the story and, in turn, War Zones, in which it will be possible to play as Iron Man, Hulk, Kamala or Black Widow .


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