Marvel’s Avengers Adds a New Hulk Skin With Rabbit Slippers


While Marvel’s Avengers fans are waiting for more game content to be added to the game, Crystal Dynamics continues to release cosmetics for its embarrassing live-action game. The latest outfit is designed for none other than the Hulk, and in it the Marvel Avengers hero looks much less intimidating than usual.

In recent months, Marvel’s Avengers has added a nice mix of comics and MCU-inspired cosmetics. One of the last comics was dedicated to the Hulk, and in it players could portray the Hulk Destroyer of Worlds in the game. The latest outfit for the Hulk is also inspired by the comics, although it sees him getting a makeover that is far from what one would expect from a Hulk skin. This is largely due to his cute and pleasant choice of shoes.

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In the new Marvel’s Avengers skin for the Incredible Hulk, he is depicted in charming pink slippers in the form of bunnies, and the slippers in question have hanging ears and funny faces. They are also noticeably soft, with a hard texture done to make them stand out. The slippers, dubbed “Bunnies and Bandoliers”, undoubtedly attract attention to the costume, although there are other interesting aspects of this new skin.

Along with brown trousers, a black shirt and a bag on the side, you can see the Hulk with a futuristic rifle on his back. This is a reference to Marvel comics, or rather to The Incredible Hulk #390. In this issue, the Hulk participated in a fictional war and encountered a soldier stuck under a cannon. He not only removed the cannon and saved the character’s life, but also began to wield the cannon in battle. This weapon is represented through the weapon on the Hulk’s back, with a bandolier full of ammunition placed around his chest to help assemble the image.

Obviously, Marvel’s Avengers skins are purely cosmetic, so this kind of appearance does not allow the Hulk to start using weapons in battle. In the comments, many praised the outfit for its unique appearance and willingness to fool around a bit, although some fans requested new outfits for Captain America and Black Panther. Both heroes are in desperate need of fresh makeup, and since the Hulk is essentially getting two skins in a row, it would be nice to see Cap and the King of Wakanda get a little more love. We hope that these requests will be met in the near future.

As for Marvel’s Avengers’ upcoming non-makeup content, players can expect to play the Mighty Thor Jane Foster at the end of June. In the next update, the co-op version of the MODOC Boss Battle will finally be available through the Omega Level threat.

Marvel’s Avengers is already available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.