Marvel’s Avengers Adds a New Hawkeye Skin


Crystal Dynamics has provided players with another skin to add to the already long list of Marvel’s Avengers heroic clothing, this time the recipient was Hawkeye, who received a costume straight from classic comics. This is not the first costume that Crystal Dynamics has taken from a comic book page and given to Marvel Comics‘ greatest archer, although previous additions have been made from later iterations of Clint Barton. The newest costume, by contrast, is a blast from the past and will allow players to bring to life any retro fantasy they love from the early days of Hawkeye.

The studio announced the newest skin on the Marvel’s Avengers marketplace on the official Twitter of the game, giving players the opportunity to get to know the latest retro costume better. His new suit looks like it was taken straight out of the Avengers comics of the late 60s and 70s, which regularly featured a purple-clad archer at a time when the team was fighting players such as Arcade, Crossfire and Baron Zemo. To score this house, Crystal Dynamics included an image of one of these Avengers comics from the aforementioned time period with a Hawkeye in the center.

In the Hawkeye costume, Kate Bishop now joins the rest of the starting list, possessing what some players may consider a real comic “comeback” skin. In particular, Iron Man and Thor also have classic-style skins available from the early days of The Avengers, between Iron Man’s original red and gold suit and Thor’s bucket helmet. This leaves Black Panther and Spider-Man as the only two DLC characters who don’t have a similar costume, although it’s not surprising that they will be added in the future.

Besides being a throwback, the costume also gives players a break from the ongoing addition of costumes inspired by the Marvel cinematic universe. It’s not surprising that so many of these costumes have been presented, given the continued popularity of the MCU and the fact that Crystal Dynamics has so many movies and TV shows to draw from. It is possible that the costume of Thor the Devastator from the movie “Thor: Love and Thunder” or the casual clothes of the Hulk from the movie “The Hulk Woman: Sworn Attorney” will find their place in the game.

Now the question arises, what new costumes for the purple archer may appear in the game in the future. One of the most visually striking options for Crystal Dynamics is Barton’s days as Captain America, which took many readers by surprise in the mid—2000s. The Archer swapped the bow for a vibranium shield after the apparent death of Steve Rogers after the original Civil War arc, which could have been a unique fusion suit in the game if Crystal Dynamics had wanted to use this option.


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