Marvel wants to bring Spider-Man and Deadpool together


According to two new rumors, Marvel will sign the MCU’s biggest contract with Ryan Reynolds, and Reynolds’ Deadpool will team up with Spider-Man.

The year 2020 was perhaps more sluggish than ever for the movie industry due to the coronavirus pandemic, and Marvel / Disney is among the companies most affected by this situation. Because Disney, the company behind most films that have taken over the cinema industry in recent years and broke the box office, was going to launch the 4th phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe this year, but the pandemic did not allow it.

2020 was largely rumored rather than movie news, as new movies were not released. Now, two major sources that have previously leaked many Marvel movies have made new rumors about Marvel’s plans, and if the rumors are true, Marvel will be facing some really remarkable work in the upcoming period.

“Disney and Sony want to bring Spider-Man and Deadpool together”

The first rumor was shared by Daniel Richman, and according to Richman, Marvel will sign Ryan Reynolds’ biggest contract ever for the MCU. If this happens, the Deadpool / Wade Wilson character will not only get into the MCU, but will take even more time in Marvel movies than MCU protagonists like Iron Man and Captain America.

Mikey Sutton of GeekosityMag said that Marvel and Sony are holding talks on a Spider-Man Deadpool joint film, and both companies are keen to film with this quirky superhero duo. Honestly, it can be really exciting to see what kind of team the “neighborhood friendly” Spider-Man and Deadpool, which has not had a single scene almost 18+, would be.

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The reunion of Spider-Man and Deadpool is a gold mine

According to the information provided by Sutton, the movie in which Spider-Man and Deadpool will come together will definitely not be Spider-Man 3. Again, according to Sutton, Sony and Disney think teaming up Spider-Man and Deadpool is a funny and commercial goldmine. Although Deadpool’s own sequels will continue to be 18+, it is possible that we will encounter a slightly more filed Deadpool in the movies where he will meet Spider-Man.


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