Marvel: WandaVision reveals an unprecedented scene!

During interview with actress Elizabeth Olsen, who stars in WandaVision, Marvel unveiled a new clip from her series scheduled for Disney +

Only a few more days to wait to finally see a new Marvel. Indeed, since the release of Spider-Man Far From Home, we have not had a single film from the firm, Covid-19 requires. But soon, WandaVision will land on Disney + and end this long period of famine.

Because yes, on January 15, fans of the world of superheroes will be able to find two important characters from phase 3. Wanda and Vision, as a couple since the battle against Thanos, will be the heroes of a strange series.

Strange because since its announcement, Marvel has not really released any information about the content of its project. Indeed, we don’t really know if this is going to be a comedy series, action series, or some other genre.

But it was enough to be patient. Indeed, Elizabeth Olsen has just granted an interview to Jimmy Kimmel. Interview during which she balanced some information about the series in question.

While she hasn’t given any real clues, the actress’s arrival allowed Marvel to release a teaser of her unborn baby.


As TomsGuide notes, this is just a simple scene. And not a teaser. But what do we see and hear in the scene in question? First, be aware that this is a black and white passage.

In addition, the said sequence is reminiscent of a sitcom from the 50s. The presence of laughter recorded behind certain dialogues playing there for many. Marvel simply offering a scene in which Wanda and Vision “take the lead.”

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If some want to learn more, the scene is found further down in this article. History that you get a better idea of ​​what we are talking about.

For those who want to keep the secret, we will therefore have to wait until January 15. Date on which the new Marvel project will land on Disney +.



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