Marvel: WandaVision Is Releasing Longer Than Expected!


According to Ecranlarge, the Marvel WandaVision series is expected to have more episodes than initially anticipated. Find out why

In a few days, Marvel fans will finally be able to reunite with their favorite heroes. Or at least two of them: Wanda and Vision. Indeed, the WandaVision series will land on Disney + on January 15, and that should delight many.

The reason ? Simply for the fact that Comic book fans had nothing to eat since Spider-Man Far From Home. The last films of the firm to be screened in theaters… Well this already dates back to July 2019. In other words, an eternity.

Because yes, since that film, Marvel has not been able to offer anything new to its fans. Health crisis obliges, all projections and other projects have been delayed. Like Black Widow which was due to arrive in theaters in April 2020 which is now being pushed back to May 5, 2021.

So to fill this gap, fans of Comics can fall back on the new formats imagined by the “bosses” of Marvel: the series. Because it is indeed a slew of series that will arrive on Disney + in the coming months.

With WandaVision, Loki, Hawkeye and even Falcon and the Winter Soldier.


So that should allow many people to patiently cope until a movie arrives that kicks off Phase 4 for good. Because time, you are going to have it, and much more than expected.

Since the Marvel series bringing together Wanda and Vision would be longer than expected. As Ecranlarge notes, 9 episodes should air on Disney +. This is a lot more than expected. The media making it known:

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“Which is longer than expected for a series with such a budget (we’re talking about 225 million, or 25 million per episode). ”

It remains to be seen what the new series of Marvel will actually talk about. Indeed, on this point, the mystery still remains unresolved. We already know that Wanda will be able to handle a dimension as she pleases, but for the rest … total vagueness!


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