Marvel: WandaVision has more special effects!


WandaVision is probably one of the most anticipated Marvel shows this year. Side FX, it would have more special effects than Endgame!

WandaVision will therefore be the visual slap of the year, in short. For good reason, the Marvel series will have a lot of visual effects. Much more than Avengers: Endgame, it seems.

As we tire of impatience, we learn more about the next Marvel. WandaVision promises to give us a good time!

This is a Marvel series that will feature settings and effects never seen before. You might as well say that we are expecting him around the corner.

The trailer of the series therefore shows us a very fifty show, with allure of sticom. A first for the MCU, which is not used to giving us this kind of show.

On the visual side, the series also promises even more impressive special effects. As proof, Avengers: Endgame can’t do better.

This is rather surprising for a sitcom-like series like WandaVision. At least that’s what his production team teases.


“There are more VFX shots in WandaVision than in Endgame,” Paul Bettany tells us in an interview with Games Radar. We are therefore warned.

“It was a lot more than six months filming people walking in the same hallway,” he continues. “Feige was very clear from the start that this series would be very different.”

For good reason, WandaVision may differ from other MCU productions, it remains a Marvel production. And this, in all that it includes in general.

Starting with the sets, but also the basic Marvel timeline. The series will therefore connect to the vents of phases 3 and 4 of the MCU.

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It remains to be seen how that actually comes together and what the series has in store for us. See you on January 15 on the Disney + platform!


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